kiss ass

kiss ass
: to act obsequiously especially to gain favor — usually considered vulgar

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see kiss
vulgar slang behave in an obsequious or sycophantic way

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kiss ass
US informal + impolite
1 or kiss someone's ass or Brit kiss someone's arse : to be nice to people in order to make them like you or give something to you

He says he doesn't want a promotion if he has to kiss ass to get it.

— used to show that you are angry at someone

He told me to leave, and I told him he could kiss my ass!

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Main Entry:kiss

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kiss sb's ˈarse idiom
(BrE) (NAmE kiss sb's ˈass, kiss ˈass) (taboo, slang) to be very nice to sb in order to persuade them to help you or to give you sth  A more polite way to express this is lick sb's boots.
Main entry:kissidiom

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